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What sets us apart from competitors is our steadfast commitment to originality, consistently delivering innovative designs. We excel in creating tailored stage sets, creating distinctive designs that set new industry standards and trends. Our team together with our partners comprises highly skilled lighting technicians, operators, and set carpenters, all possessing extensive experience in world of lighting and design. They collaborate seamlessly with artists, bands, production companies, and event organizers.

Our vision for the future encompasses ongoing expansion and the realization of our clients’ most audacious visions, leveraging our collective expertise to transform dreams into reality.

Your idea brought to life

Our client-centered approach begins with understanding their concept, gathering all essential details and data to bring their envisioned event to life. We subsequently develop CAD drawings and plans for the stage layout, as well as schematics and blueprints for any custom work required. We then use cutting-edge 3D engines to visualize the entire event, encompassing stage, lighting, and other elements, ensuring our creations align with our clients’ visions. Our team meticulously programs show files on our lighting and video systems and remains on-site during event days to guarantee a flawless execution. Moreover, we offer production management services, handling logistics, production advances, and other necessary preparations before a show or tour begins.

Deeply Committed

Illumity AB is devoted to being at the forefront of the lighting and stage design business. To do this, we perform thorough study on the most recent lighting fixtures, production components, and cutting-edge technologies on a regular basis. Our commitment to keeping track of changing trends helps us to create creative and fascinating designs that appeal to modern audiences.

Our Objective

We aim at enhancing live events with a new edge, making our clients’ wildest dreams come true. we work with a multitude of clients such as artists, bands, and events companies to design products that are unique and appropriate for them.

Highly Skilled

As a company with more than ten years of experience in lighting and stage design, we have played our creative works in all corners of the world, thrilling audiences with unforgettable performances. Over the years, we have refined our skills and expanded our knowledge to offer visually attractive experience for many events and concerts.

Jimmy Olausson

CEO / Designer / Operator
Specializes in Lighting Design, Programming, Production Management and Artificial Intelligence. Love’s technology, his dear cat Jason and the woods. Appreciates to learn at least one new thing every day.

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tobias Grønhaug

Designer / Operator
Specializes in lighting and stage design, as well as lighting programming.
When not working, you’ll find him either behind is gaming setup or snuggling with his cat Waldemar.

Based in Oslo, Norway.